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Goollelal Primary School is one of 178 schools which has transitioned to an Independent Public School (IPS) in 2015.

The Independent Public School initiative essentially shifts decision-making from central office to schools.  It also aims to facilitate stronger engagement between schools and their community.  Greater community participation benefits everyone, with the aim to improve outcomes for children.

As part of the transition process we have moved from a School Council to a School Board.  Follow this link for more information about the new School Board.

Giving communities more say in their schools

The very best schools are not just ‘in’ the community but are an essential part ‘of’ the community.

So rather than all schools across the State doing the same thing in the same way, it makes sense to give each school community the power to decide how to meet its own distinctive needs and aspirations. With the school and community working together, the best decisions are made because they know at the local level what they need to do for their students.

Each Independent Public School is harnessing the enthusiasm, skills and expertise of those people who are absolutely committed to the school and, most importantly, to the education of students at the school. More than ever, parents, local community members and school staff are enjoying a new relationship based on a shared vision for the future.

While Independent Public Schools are at the leading edge of educational innovation and reform, as flexibilities steadily extend across the system, all public schools are benefiting from this pioneering work. School autonomy is giving each school the authority to make important decisions about what will work for education in its community – like who the staff will be, how the resources will be used and what policies will make most sense.

It’s about ensuring every child in every school achieves their potential.

Read more about the Independent Public School initiative on the Department of Education website.

Questions from Goollelal Parents and Community
Will IPS affect the cost of my child's schooling?
No. Voluntary Contributions will remain at the present rate of $60 per child. This is the maximum rate allowed.
Will the uniform design be updated and will I need to purchase a new one?
It is likely we may look into a more modern uniform design but any change will be done in consultation with the school community and through the School Board. There would be a phasing in over a few years so that the parents and students can get use out of uniforms they currently own.
How will this change affect the hiring and placing of staff in the school?
IPS schools are able to advertise and select their own staff and this will enable us to better align staff to the school’s needs and ensure we find the ‘best available person for the job!’ The school also will not be required to accept redeployed staff though, as is the case at the moment. The school will have greater control over staffing arrangements.

More questions and answers of a general nature about the IPS initiative can be located on the Department of Education’s website.

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