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Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy

Pastoral care programs at Goollelal Primary School are structured around the school values of sharing caring and learning, build resilience, confidence and friendships and celebrate individual achievement.

We know that self-esteem, personal worth and mutual respect help build the foundations of a happy child.

Our teaching and leadership team guide a child’s progress through all areas of school life and provide access, when required, to the assistance of a school psychologist for those children with particular needs. In addition, the school has a series of support networks – like our “buddy program” – and student leadership opportunities, which have been specifically designed to guide and encourage our young students as they grow. Above all, in looking after our students, we acknowledge that kids are kids…and that they will make mistakes as part of their learning process. At Goollelal Primary students are taught in accordance with our school vision:

Goollelal Primary School works to provide all students with a quality education; one that promotes a respect for self and others, embraces the pursuit of personal excellence and instils a love for lifelong learning.

Some of the specific programs in our school include:

School Chaplaincy Program
The School Chaplaincy program is an initiative supported by the State Government to provide access to a Chaplaincy service to all public schools in Western Australia. At Goollelal Primary the role will be to provide social/values education and emotional support to individuals, small groups and classes.

Mrs Anna Tan has been appointed to the position at Goollelal Primary School for two days each week.

Bounce Back!

Bounce Back! is an wellbeing and resilience program that is taught across the school as part of our Health program.  It offers practical strategies to help children function well at school and in life and promotes positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience for students.  You can read more about the Bounce Back! program here.

Bucket Fillers

Our early childhood students are immersed in the the Bucket Fillers program – a character development program that teaches children about respect and helps them solve challenges they hope to overcome.  You can read more about the Bucket Fillers program here.