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Enrolment FAQs

Who can apply to enrol?

You can apply to enrol your child at Goollelal Primary School if your child:

  1. meets the age requirements for entry; and
  2. is a permanent resident of Australia or holds a visa with an approved sub-class.

Please note that not all applications may be successful.  Where the number of children applying to enrol exceeds the number of available placements, the school must prioritise enrolments according to The School Education Regulations.  For further information, please refer to the Priority of Enrolment page under this section.

Importantly, schools may not enrol children who are:

  1. receiving home education; or
  2. applying to enrol at another school; or
  3. enrolled at another Kindergarten (public or private), unless transferring.
When should I apply?
  • If you are applying for entry into the current year, apply now.
  • Contact the school for opening and closing dates for Kindergarten and PrePrimary enrolments for next year.
  • If you are interested in placements for beyond next year and beyond, apply in the year immediately preceding your child’s entry.  Public schools are unable to accept Applications for Enrolment except in the year immediately preceding entry.
How do I apply?
  1. Contact us and make an appointment to visit the school.
  2. Complete an Application for Enrolment Form.
  3. Submit the Application to the school together with copies of your child’s birth certificate,  proof of current address and any visa documentation.
When will I know if my application is accepted?

If you are applying for entry into the current year, you will be notified as soon as possible  if your application is accepted.  In the majority of cases, parents will be advised within two working days.

My application has been accepted. What should I do?

You will be required to finalise enrolment procedures at the school by completing an Enrolment Form and providing evidence, if applicable, of your child’s legal name, immunisation records and immigration records. Medical Information, any Family Court Orders or parenting plans registered with the Family Court should also be made available at the time of enrolment.