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Student Absences

Under the School Education Act 1999, it is expected that all students should attend school whenever it is open for instruction unless they are unwell or not physically capable of attending.

Parents are required to advise the school if their child is absent, with a valid reason.

You may submit an absentee notice via our Skoolbag app on your mobile phone, or through the Message Board

Alternatively, you may ring the school during office hours (8am to 3:30pm) on 9409 8432, or email/speak to your classroom teacher.



Extended absences

The School Education Act 1999 states that parents need to obtain permission from the Principal for their child/children to have an extended leave of absence for any other reason such as an in-term holiday or vacation.

To allow the school to effectively monitor and process this type of student absence, parents are asked to please complete the APPLICATION FOR A STUDENT TO BE ABSENT FROM SCHOOL FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD (WHICH IS NOT HEALTH RELATED) form to request permission for your child/children to be absent from school for a holiday or other activities.

This form should be submitted for approval at least one month prior to the requested departure from school (except in extenuating circumstances).

Request an extended absence