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Behaviour Initiatives

By recording positive behaviours and achievements, Goollelal Primary School establishes a balanced profile of each student and effectively shifts the emphasis from negative behaviours.  This balanced record illustrates to the School Community that the school values, promotes and encourages the positive behaviours and achievements made by each student at our school.  Positive behaviours and achievements that are regularly recorded include:

Honour Certificates

Honour Certificates are awarded fortnightly by all teachers, and presented by the Principal and Deputy Principal at fortnightly community assemblies.

Annual Awards

Each year students are nominated by their class teachers for End of Year awards aligned to the school motto of sharing, caring and learning.

Gold Slip Awards

All teachers and administrators are committed to encouraging and rewarding acceptable behaviour.  To support and complement individual classroom management plans, and to encourage positive behaviour across the school, the school has a system of awarding Gold Slips in recognition of good behaviour.  Gold slips are issued for demonstration of the school Code of Conduct and in line with our motto of sharing, caring and learning.  Gold Slips are held in the duty file for issue by duty teachers, in classrooms and in the office for issue by administrators.

Students ‘bank’ their Gold Slips in the Gold Slip box in the front office.  Student Prefects collect these slips before each assembly, and pins are awarded at assembly for the achievement of milestones over the course of each student’s schooling life at Goollelal:

Bronze Pinrecipient
Silver Pinrecipient
Gold Pinrecipient
Random Draws

At the fortnightly community assembly, there is a random draw of five students who have received Gold Slips during the previous fortnight. These students are presented with a mystery prize.


Commendations for positive behaviour can be written by class teachers, duty teachers, specialist teachers and administration. Commendations are recorded on SIS (Student Information System) and generate a letter of commendation to parents.