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Deputy’s Desk | Bring a Can, Swap a Book, Maths Murder Mystery


Dear Parents

As we whizz into the final school term, we see so many wonderful events taking place and lots for the children to look forward to. Keep an eye on the school term planner on the app. We work hard at keeping it up to date so you will find most events on there.

There are two final assemblies for the school year. They are both Thursdays, because of Edu-dance.  On 18 October we will celebrate some of the ‘arts’ with our School of Instrumental Music students performing for us and also a display of visual arts from the children’s time with our Art specialist Mrs Egan.

On that day it is also Bring a Can Day. The organisation who provide the ECO bins at the front of the school for clothing, have asked if we would participate in this program as the food bank supplies in Perth are at an all-time low with many people relying on this assistance to feed their families. I would like to thank TA5 for making posters for the event. All cans and any other non- perishable food can be left in the boxes provided outside the library.

Swap a Book!

In the coming weeks you may hear a variety of ideas from various newly formed focus groups across the school to promote, enhance and showcase different elements of the curriculum.

The first idea from the ‘Reading Focus’ group, is a fortnightly book swap. Each assembly day the children are able to bring books from home to permanently exchange for another. Book values cannot be taken into account so children will be told that they need to check with mum and dad before they bring a book from home. When the children bring a book they will be given a token to use as currency. The ‘Swap a Book’ will be outside the library, during recess, on the day of each assembly. The first Swap a Book will be next Thursday, 18 October.

Yesterday, Bev Woodworth, Geoff Rintoul and myself went along to a presentation by Sci-tech and sponsored Alcoa Foundation. Our school has accepted an invitation to be involved in a mathematics enrichment program, based around problem solving. The professional learning was fabulous and we have been provided with all the resources to run a ‘problem solving rich’ program across years 3-6. As a part of the program Sci-tech are providing and hosting an opportunity to attend a free family event at school in the afternoon, from 4:00 – 6:00pm on Monday 22 October. This will be a Maths Murder Mystery with an afternoon of puzzles and problem solving! The event will be held in the under covered area where we hold assemblies and will be lots of fun. Next week you will receive a letter with more details.

Last term we were very busy with all the sports carnivals and so we have held our faction prize over til this term. Next Thursday morning all of Gold faction will enjoy a movie and popcorn in the library with Mr Rees!


Kerry Hartmann | Deputy Principal