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Principal’s Pen | Bullying Seminar tonight, Radio Show and more..



Dear Parents and Families,

We’ve had a wonderful, if chilly, fortnight here at Goollelal Primary. I’d really like to thank all the families who supported Nude Food Tuesday this week. Just looking at all the lunchboxes, it was easy to see that a lot of effort was made to avoid using plastic sandwich wrappings and other non-recyclable lunch items. Next week, our Environment leaders will be giving out faction slips to any students bringing along Nude Food on Tuesday.

Radio Show

A huge congratulations to the teachers and students in TA9 and TA11 for presenting such an entertaining and professional radio show yesterday. Thank you to our Community Board representative, Councillor John Logan, for organising this fantastic opportunity for our children.

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Free Bullying Seminar Tonight

All parents are invited to attend a free bullying seminar tonight with Erin Erceg, national director of Friendly Schools. The seminar will be held in the Woodvale Baptist Church and will run from 6.30-8.30 pm. Doors will open at 6.15pm.

Lightning Carnival

Last Friday our Year 4, 5 and 6 students took part in the Lightning Carnival, competing against teams from Halidon, Dalmain, Marangaroo and Glendale Primary schools. It was a fantastic day and I was so proud of our students. We had lovely comments from teachers and parents from other schools about our children’s sportsmanship. Well done Goollelal!

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Kindergarten Enrolments

We still have spaces available for Kindy 2019, for children who reside in our local area. If you have a child who was born between the 1st of July 2014 and the 30th of June 2015 please come to the office to complete an enrolment form.

School Board

Last Thursday the School Board looked at this year’s On Entry assessment results and the new Business Plan 2018-2020. Copies of the new Business Plan can be found in the school office or you can download it from the link below:

Business Plan 2018-2020

Resiliency Rap

In the last Principal’s Pen I looked at the factors which build resiliency in children. Today I’d like talk about teaching our children how to build good relationships with others.

Forming friendships and developing the ability to work as part of team can help your child to cope when faced with adverse situations. Even a small group of friends can help children to put minor issues into perspective, to offer encouragement or to give advice about how to solve a problem.

As Dr.Judith Locke puts it in her book, The Bonsai Child, we need to teach our children to become good company. Some of the strategies suggested by Dr Locke seem to go against our commonly held beliefs about raising children. For example, she writes that parents often believe that strengthening our children’s self-esteem will have the benefit of increasing their popularity. She points out that soley focusing on self-esteem can be unhelpful. As she explains, children who are “the complete apple of their parent’s eye can sometimes make it more difficult for them to assimilate with others….social success is assisted by confidence, but it is primarily due to other virtues.”

So how can we help our children to fit in with others and to form friendships? For more detail, please see Kerry or myself to borrow a copy of the book. Below is a brief recap of Dr Locke’s suggestions:

  • Help your child learn respect for others and their needs– empathy is an important trait to help children to build friendships. It involves being sensitive and caring about others
  • Help your child build a positive demeanour– happy people are good fun to be around
  • Teach them how to cope when things don’t go their way– don’t always fix minor friendship problems for them. Children need to learn that not always getting your way is normal
  • Teach them how to fix friendship problems– before jumping in and solving every problem, it is healthy to sit back every now and then to see if your child can sort out minor issues. If the problem persists, brainstorm solutions with your child and coach them by talking through ways they can fix the problem themselves
  • Watch your own worry and expectations– don’t let your own fears about your child’s social skills affect their confidence. Sometimes questions like, “Did you make any friends today?” may make them worry unnecessarily
  • Show a good sense of humour-teach your children not to take themselves too seriously. Children often joke with and tease the people with whom feel most comfortable. By making silly jokes, kidding around and lightly teasing our children, we prepare them to understand and cope with any kidding around in the playground.resilience


Lynne Anderson | PRINCIPAL