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Deputy’s Desk | James Foley, Book Fair, Book Week, Bubbles & Lots of Fun at Goollelal


James Foley comes to Goollelal

The children have been enchanted and delighted by James Foley’s entertaining and inspiring approach to teaching children to write and illustrate books. James engaged the whole school with his stories and tales of growing up and learning to write. There was a strong message of perseverance and commitment when we want to learn to do something badly enough and this came through as he encouraged the children. James brought along his writing and illustrations from his childhood and showed the children the progression of his talents as he got older and the more determined he became to do a great job! He showed us his jottings and ideas books that he keeps with him at all times for when those ideas pop into his thoughts. He showed us his ‘dummy’ books that he puts together well before they go to print.  As James spends the rest of the week taking sessions with each class, the children are working on a variety of genre, writing and illustrating skills. Yesterday we had a whole school ‘inspire’ session which left the children and adults rolling in stitches and wanting more.

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Inspiring the staff who inspire our kids!

The staff welcomed James on Monday with an Inspire Morning Tea and we all dressed up to surprise the children. We enjoyed munching through Viking ships made of chocolate bars (a salute to James’ Viking books), tea cups and a host of other treats.

Book Fair is in the Library

Book Fair starts Monday, 20 August and will finish Thursday 23 August . It will be open at the following times:

Monday 3.10pm to 3.45pm
Tuesday  8:15am to 8:50am
Wednesday 8:15am to 8:50am
Thursday  8:15am to 8:50am & 3.10pm to 3.45pm

It will also be open on Open Night, 22 August, from 5:30pm – 7:00 pm.

Book Week Assembly

Put Friday 24 August in your calendar for the annual Book Week Assembly It always promises to be a lot of fun and a bit of madness. The Choir students need to bring their costumes in on Wednesday 22 August for a dress rehearsal, please.


On a picture perfect day, the children and adults thoroughly enjoyed bubble blowing today on the oval, during lunch time. There are a few pictures in the picture scroll to enjoy. We have some very accomplished bubble blowers!

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Kerry Hartmann | Deputy Principal