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Deputy’s Desk | Celebrating all things Books in 2018!


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Celebrating all things Books in 2018!

Dear Parents,

There are lots of wonderful activities coming up to celebrate Book Week and explore all possibilities around books!


Writer in Residence: James Foley (13 – 17 August)

We are very fortunate to have James Foley on board for Book Week in 2018 as a writer in Residence for the whole week. James is a well-known author who lives in Perth. Some of his books include Brobot, Dunzilla, Gastronauts, My dead Bunny, The Last Viking and others. All books are available in the library and soon will go into high demand! Alternatively, you can purchase his books from the order form below:

We have made a plan to develop a finished product across the week in all year levels from 1 to 6. James is planning different forms of writing in each class. James also does all his own illustrations and is particularly entertaining and funny. This is just the inspiration that we are looking for to inspire children to write. The Kindergarten and Pre-Primary children will experience the ‘whole school’ inspire session and their teachers will do follow up activities. The Year 1 students will have three sessions with James and everyone from Year 2 to Year 6 will have four sessions. We will display all the finished works the following week, which is actually Book Week.

The children will all be charged according to how many sessions they have. Details on the cost for each year level and the online form has been added to the School App under eForms. Having James here supports the school focus on writing and will sprinkle inspiration across the school for all of us! You can have a look at James’ website at https://jamesfoley.com.au/

Book Week (20 -24 August)

Across the school, throughout this week, there will be many activities to support and develop great reading and writing skills. Staff doing special things will notify parents. Each year we hold an Open Night during Book Week, on Wednesday 22 August from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. It is a lovely time to wander through the classrooms and take time to enjoy the displays and children’s work. The library will be open for Book Fair as well. Don’t forget to go to the Book Nook (between TA 3 & TA5) and have a look at all the wonderful art and craft displays.

Book Week Assembly:

Each year we plan a fun assembly for all the children which, this year, will be the culmination of Book Week celebrations. This year it will be held on 24 August at 9:00am in the Assembly Area. The theme for Book Week is ‘finding your treasure’. The theme is determined each year by the Children’s Book Council of Australia and the whole school has been working together to develop a Narrative (albiet a bit zany!) around this theme. This is always led by the choir and the classroom teachers will be notifying classes about costumes for their part.

Book Fair

Thank you to Pia Bonifant and Ali Hegan for accepting the very ‘prestigious’ role of Book Fair coordinators. Book Fair will run across Book Week in the school library and will be an opportunity for parents to buy some well-priced books to pop away for Christmas or add to the home library. In doing so Goollelal gets commission and it buys us many new things to support literacy. Mrs Tegjeu will also have a wish list (no pressure at all) of books she would like for the library that families are able to purchase and donate, if they wish. There will be more details of opening times soon.

Book week is one of my favourite weeks on the school calendar. It is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and excite and inspire them about learning.

Yours in books


Kerry Hartmann | Deputy Principal