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Deputy’s Desk | Book Week


Dear Parents

I would like to very sincerely thank our wonderful choir students for their commitment and participation in the Book Week Assembly. They were patient and tolerant as we snatched small amounts of time for rehearsal, when we were able.

Their enthusiasm is much admired! Thank you also to all the staff who participated in the ‘madness’ with no knowledge of what the end result was, or what was expected. Our staff are all such great sports and looked fabulous in their dress-ups!

The rest of the children all looked fabulous as well so thanks are extended to all families who made or accessed costumes.

The school had a real buzz of excitement on Friday morning in anticipation of this lovely whole school event. For anyone who missed it, it should go up on our website soon. Thank you to Kieran Knight’s brother Michael, who did the filming for us.

We also had another fabulously successful Book Fair with over $3,500 worth of books sold. This brings a healthy commission to the school which will be spent on books. Thank you to everyone who purchased books and to those who donated a book to the library. We are very grateful. A very special thank you to Pia Bonifant, Ali Hegan (chief organisers!) and to Alex Kemp, Claire Nicholas, Sally Howell, Em Yeatman, Roxi Edery, Deanne Gray, Eleanore de Beer, Nicol Rudrum, Diana Zaffino and Michelle Newbury for manning the Book Fair!

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It’s official, we have a new dressmaker! We are very fortunate to have procured the services of an excellent new dressmaker for the girls’ dresses. We now have all the sizes from 4 to 7 in stock and you can purchase them through the office for $35:00.

At the end of the year we will have our dressmaker do a bulk order!



Kerry Hartmann | Deputy Principal