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Principal’s Pen | Pirate Day, P&C Movie Night, Helicopter & More



Dear Families,

Next week we will be celebrating Pirate Day on Friday 8th of June. Pirate Day Friday is an annual national day of dressing up to raise awareness and much-needed funds for childhood brain cancer. Funds raised on the day are allocated to scientific studies to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for the disease through the The Adventurers and The Kids’ Cancer Project. This is an annual event at Goollelal Primary and we would like to invite all children to dress up for a gold coin donation.


Next Friday is also our P&C Movie Night at Event Cinemas.  Family and friends are very welcome to attend. For more details, go to our P&C Facebook page. Thank you to our P&C for supplying icy poles after our lap-a-thon on Tuesday. Our students all thoroughly enjoyed the fun afternoon.

Last week, our wonderful TA5 students presented their assembly. Unfortunately, I missed this amazing assembly, but I have heard that it was superb! I have also read the script and Mrs Leeson and Mrs Ivey have told me how proud they were when their students read out some very tricky adjectives! Our next assembly will be presented by TA3 on Friday, 15th June.

Last week we were all very excited to welcome visitors from Greenwood College as they landed a helicopter on our oval. This visit was part of our Year 6 student’s transition to secondary schooling program. Our Year 6 students were lucky enough to get a closer look at the helicopter and they also had fun playing volleyball, one of Greenwood College’s specialist sports. Our teachers capitalised on the helicopter visit to conduct a whole school writing task with the theme, “Up in the Air.” Teachers will use the writing produced to compare student work against national standards to ensure our grades for writing are accurate.

Every term, the leadership teams across Greenwood College, Goollelal, Dalmain and West Greenwood Primary Schools meet regularly to discuss student transition programs and issues impacting all of our students from primary to secondary.   At these meetings we discuss matters such as transition dates, handover of student information and student events.  At a recent meeting we agreed to hold a joint parent workshop, for parents of students from Kindy to Year 6, on the topic of “Bullying”.  Details of the proposed workshop are as follows:

Thursday 2 August


Venue to be confirmed based on numbers

This is a free event

The expert speaker booked for this topic is Erin Erceg.  Erin is an internationally recognised researcher and author on this topic (more info will be available today on Skoolbag).

In order to gauge parent interest in this event and to book a suitable venue, we have set up a simple online expression of interest survey for you to complete.  We will leave this registration open for a three week period, before making any further decisions on the workshop.  Assuming there is sufficient interest to make the workshop viable, parents will then be notified of the final venue.

Please click the link below to complete the expression of interest.


As usual, there is so much going on in our great school. I hope you all have a lovely, relaxing long weekend and I will see you back here on Tuesday the 5th of June.


Lynne Anderson | PRINCIPAL