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Principal’s Pen | Events, Business Plan, Interschool & More


Dear Families,

Over the last fortnight, our students and teachers have been enjoying a number of special events and incursions. I have been very proud of the way our Year 6 students have taken on leadership roles throughout the school. This has included organisation of the 2018 ‘Goollelal’s Got Talent,’ and looking for ways to make our school more environmentally aware.  Last week Jennifer, Ryan and Laura wrote to me suggesting that we introduce ‘Nude Food Tuesdays’ next term. On Tuesdays, we will be encouraging students to come to school with a waste free lunch box. This will be promoted more next term, but in the meantime, there are plenty of ideas for waste free lunches on the internet.  ‘Healthy Little Foodies’ is just one blog that has some fantastic waste free lunch ideas.

Our Year 6 students are also organising the TA9 Swamp Hen Story Festival. All students are encouraged to bring in a food item suitable for donation to the Salvation Army. Any student who brings along a food item to TA9 will be able to join in the Story Festival this week.

Next term, our new school Business Plan 2018-2020 will be published. A major focus in the Business Plan is to ensure that Goollelal Primary is a “Safe, Supportive and Sustainable Environment.” This encompasses a number of initiatives, including promoting the school’s Waste Wise Program.  Nude Food Tuesday is a great example of this.  Another element of this focus area is to develop our students’ personal and social capability. Next term, Goollelal Primary will combine with Dalmain, West Greenwood and Greenwood College to hold a workshop on the topic of, “Bullying.” Details of the workshop are as follows:

Thursday 2 August

This is a free event. The expert speaker booked for this topic is Erin Erceg. Erin is an internationally recognised researcher and author on this topic. Please click the link below to complete the expression of interest.

Erin Erceg Seminar

Last Friday, our Year 4, 5 and 6 students took part in an Interschool Sports competition against Halidon Primary. Well done to all our competitors, I have heard excellent reports from our teachers and parents about the great spirit and sportsmanship displayed. Thank you to Genene Coy for the beautiful photos of our AFL team who put in a mighty effort!

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On Friday we also enjoyed TA3’s super, space themed assembly. I loved their funny space jokes and out of this world performance! Our next assembly will be presented by TA14 on the last day of Term 2, Friday 29th of June.


We have a very exciting fortnight planned to round off Term 2, including our P&C Disco on Friday. I’m really looking forward to seeing some serious dance moves on the night! I hope to see you there.


Lynne Anderson | PRINCIPAL