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Deputy’s Desk | Lapathon & Pay if Forward


Dear Parents,

Next Tuesday we are once again hosting our annual Lapathon. It’s a great time for us all to get out in the beautiful sunshine and walk, jog or dance our way around the oval up to 20 times. At the same we are raising funds which will be  put to good use for extra things for our children. Today the Lapathon forms are coming home, and we ask that children look for sponsors within their family and people who you know well. We do not want the children to go door to door asking for sponsorship and are grateful for any amount! All family members are welcome to come along and join us in the fresh air and sunshine.

Don’t forget about the E’Co – Pay it Forward bins at the front of the school, on Cadogan Street. The bins are simply emptied when they are full and we receive $50:00 which will be passed on to under privileged children, in the outskirts of Bali.

So if you are having a winter clean up in the wardrobe, bring it all down and we will be able to pay it forward.



Kerry Hartmann | Deputy Principal