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Principal’s Pen | Easter Message


The Easter break always gives us time to rest and reflect on the successes and challenges of our year so far. This year, we have had so much to celebrate and to be grateful for at Goollelal Primary.

From the very first day, when our students started in their new classes, with very few tears, to our visits from Peter Coombe and Peter Farmer, our three entertaining assemblies, the P&C Movie Night, yesterday’s visit from the Easter Hen and our massive Easter Egg raffle, we have had so much to celebrate. Personally, I have reflected on all the wonderful things I am grateful for. As well as having my own  loving family and friends, I am constantly grateful to be the Principal of Goollelal Primary. We have so many eager, bright children here, they always bring a smile to my face. Our school community, including our amazing P&C and dedicated Board, is also a source of thankfulness for me. Parents, you are partners with us in your children’s learning and I am grateful for all the support and encouragement we get from you.  I am also lucky to work with such dedicated teachers and support staff. I would like to wish all our staff, students and their families a very safe, relaxing and happy Easter, I hope you all have a lovely break.


Kind regards,


Lynne Anderson | PRINCIPAL