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Principal’s Pen | Graduation, Concert and Classes


Dear Parents and Families,

It’s hard to believe I’m writing the last Principal’s Pen for 2017. This, my first year at Goollelal Primary has flown by and has been marked by a number of memorable events. The final weeks of the year are no exception and have been packed with lots of fun activities, not least, those organised to celebrate graduation of our Year 6 students. The Graduation ceremony on Wednesday was a poignant opportunity to focus on our Year 6 students and look back on their contribution to Goollelal Primary over the years. They shared the highlights of their time here and their ambitions and hopes for the future. This was followed by a delicious Graduation Dinner for our graduates and their families. The impact our Year 6 students have made has been huge, they have been great role models for our younger students and have all come such a long way over their primary school journey. We wish them all the very best for adventures yet to come.


Last night, our Edu Dance Concert was another fantastic school community celebration. It was terrific to see so many families camped out on the lawn, ready to enjoy the show. The concert had it all, from baby elephants to crazy dancing frogs! It was a great way to end the term, made more enjoyable by the smiles on our students’ faces.

On Monday we will be emailing student reports to families. The email you receive will contain a link for you to download and print, or save, your child’s report. Please note that you need to access reports within 4 weeks of receiving the email. After that time the link will not be active. If you don’t receive your child’s report by Wednesday the 13th of December, please contact the school at:

Class lists for 2018 will be available on Thursday the 14th of December at 3.10 p.m. Lists will be displayed on the staffroom windows facing TA2. As of necessity, we will again have some composite, or split year, classes. Some parents may have concerns about composite classes. If you have any questions about how composite classes are managed, the advantages and disadvantages, please read the article below.

The parent’s guide to composite classes

I would like to take this final opportunity to thank all parents and family members, on behalf of all staff at Goollelal, for your positive support throughout the year. To all the parents who attended our P&C meetings, helped out in the canteen, put their names down for classroom rosters, helped with setting up for sports days, volunteered to man the barbecue during the election and numerous other jobs around the school, your efforts have made a huge difference to the programs and special events we can offer the students.  We hope you all have a really good Christmas and a well-earned rest.

As you know, we are saying goodbye to Mr Christensen this term. I’d like to thank him for his contribution to our school this year and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

Happy Christmas and see you all in 2018




Lynne Anderson | PRINCIPAL