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Deputy’s Desk | Disco, Assembly, SIMS, Year 6 & Concert


Dear Parents,

It takes a village to raise a child…

It was wonderful to see our children enjoying themselves at the P&C Disco. The children enjoyed the music and dancing and having a great time in a relaxed setting. A special thank you to all the members of the P&C, who work so tirelessly to make things so special for our children. The mums and dads were there all afternoon, setting up, decorating  the hall, organising the music and it all went very smoothly.

Assembly on Friday
This Friday is the last assembly of the year and the choir are going to sing a couple of songs in a ‘sing a long’ style with the audience. I have asked all students to wear bright and colourful tops and the school skirt/shorts, please.

SIMS Testing
Next Wednesday, the year 5 students will have the School of Instrumental Music testing to determine eligibility for the program. Once again in 2018, we will offer students the opportunity to learn to play guitar and flute. Offers to learn an instrument will be made to the students with the highest scores, later in the term.

Year 6 – End of Activities.
The year 6 students at Goollelal are about to begin the first of three outings to enjoy together. They will attend a Team Works event at HBF Stadium where they will learn the very important skills of working as a team. It is a great day out! The second activity is a whole day of sports at Bouncers in Joondalup and the final activity is the Scavenger Hunt through the streets of Perth. Many Goollelal staff will attend to make it a special day! Many thanks to Bev Woodworth and Camille Pallet for all the organisation. This will of course be followed up with their Graduation on 6 December.

Edu-Dance Concert
Don’t forget to mark 7 December on the calendar at 5:30pm for the Edu-Dance Concert. Bring a picnic dinner and enjoy the evening with family and friends. The children are able to sit with their family for dinner then they will sit with their class for the dance part of the evening. Soon the dance teacher will ask each class to dress in something specific. It is usually very simple. The Year 6 students will miss two Edu-Dance lessons for the Big Days Out, as they are on a Wednesday. We have built in extra time for them in the remainder of the lessons to compensate.




Kerry Hartmann | Deputy Principal