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Deputy’s Desk | Plants, Edu-Dance, Graduation, Earn & Learn

Human hand carrying plug plant in hand

Dear Parents

Do you have this Heartleaf Ice Plant ground cover at home and if so do you have any to spare? We would love to hear from you! It grows so fast and covers big spaces quickly and we would like to cover a few areas in the playground.


Please take note of a few important dates on the calendar:

The Edu–dance concert date is 7 December, which is a Thursday at 5:30pm. The lessons this year are each Wednesday of the term, as this year we are including the Kindergarten students for the first time, with the final lesson on the Thursday 7 December.

Year 6 Graduation is Wednesday 6 December with the dinner held in the evening on the school grounds.

Please click on the link below for the Earn and Learn sheet for your Woolworth stickers, all stickers need to be in the box in the Library by Tuesday 19 September!


The parents of any students who are leaving the school this year, are urged to contact the office immediately as we are required to submit  our projected numbers to the Education Department soon.



Kerry Hartmann | Deputy Principal