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Term 3 Week 4 Award Winners

Well Done
Honour Certificates






Maddie T
Charlie P
TA2 – Mrs Linehan | Mrs Egan
Ryan S
Indie K
 TA3 – Mrs Free| Mrs Harvey
Sophie M
Laim G
TA5 – Mrs Ivey | Mrs Leeson
Finn M
Ada D
TA7 – Mr Christensen| Mrs Harvey
James S
Cole R
TA8 – Miss Burnett
Phoebe Q TA9 – Mrs Tarr | Mr Serravite
Holly D
Taj H
TA11 – Miss Pallett
Natalee O
Levi K
TA13 – Mrs Woodworth


Sharing, Caring and Learning School Pins


Lilli O





What are our school pins?

Gold Slips are awarded to students who display the qualities we strive for at Goollelal Primary School – sharing, caring and learning. School Pins are presented to students who achieve the following milestones during their time at Goollelal:

  • Bronze Pin: 25 gold slips
  • Silver Pin: 50 gold slips
  • Gold Pin: 100 gold slips