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Deputy’s Desk | Radio Station


The year five children from TA 11 were very privileged to be invited to the Radio Station Twin Cities 89.7 FM. Councillor John Logan and Goollelal Primary School Board member hosts a segment at the Radio Station and has a timeslot for ‘School of Thought’. John invites children from various schools in the  Kingsley/Woodvale area to discuss things that matter to them, on the radio! The children planned their own conversations, jokes and interviews and made us very proud as they eloquently delivered their parts with no stumbles. The children talked about favourite locations around Perth and Rottnest and interviewed Miss Pallet about why she wanted to be a teacher and myself about my experiences as a choir teacher.  It was a fascinating experience just being inside a radio station and I found myself explaining what a record was, how it works and why they get so scratched!

John and his staff were most gracious in giving us a time to ‘take over the airways!’ The children were really wonderful and made the attending adults very proud. We now have many aspiring disc- jockeys, including Maryanne Twomey, Camille Pallet and myself!

The year 5 children from TA 13 will attend on 23 August  and also enjoy the experience on the School of Thought!

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Kerry Hartmann | Deputy Principal