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Deputy’s Desk | Book Week Events 2017


Term 3 is a busy term and the students and staff have been preparing for our upcoming Book Week events. As such we wish to remind you of the following dates to put into your calendar!

Book Week:

The theme for Book Week for 2017 is ‘Escape to Everywhere.’ This runs through Week 6 of this term from 21st – 25th August and includes the following:

School Open Night:

Our school Open Night is on Wednesday 23rd August from 5pm – 7pm. All are welcome to come along and see the fabulous work that all the students have done during the school year.

Book Fair:

As is done every year there will be a Book Fair which will be set up in the Book Nook between TA 3 and TA 5.  This will run from Tuesday 22nd – Friday 25th August. This will be open for a period of time before and after school for purchases however the exact times of the Book Fair will be notified through a push notification through the Goollelal School App closer to the time.

Please feel free to wander through and have a look at the large range of books and stationery which will be available to purchase.


Class Book Swap:

We are adding a new event to our Book Week activities this year, suggested by a P&C parent, in the form of a class book swap. This will take place on Friday 25th August and simply involves each child bringing a book from home that they can then ‘swap’ for a different book from another child in their class on that day. (This can be any book but please make sure that it is suitable for the child’s age range).

The children are under no obligation to bring a book but must check with their parents first and it must be a book that they are definitely finished with. Could you please have a chat to them about the fact that it should not be a valuable book and that they will not be getting it back. Some class teachers may have a ‘loan only’ system. The teachers who are having a book exchange or loan will notify their classes.

Book Week Assembly: And last but certainly not least we have our whole school Book Week Assembly that will take place on Friday 25th August.  The choir will be entertaining us with their beautiful singing and each class will combine with their ‘buddy class’ to do a short performance which we all look forward to seeing!

Teachers will be in contact with parents in regards to what their child will need to wear for their particular performance and choir students have already been notified about their attire for that day. 

We thank you all in advance for all your preparation and participation for our 2017 Book Week Events!



Kerry Hartmann | Deputy Principal