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Deputy’s Desk | Book Week, Book Fair and all the fun stuff!


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Book Week is always a wonderful week on the Goollelal calendar and this year is no exception.

It launched last Friday with a visit form a well-known author/illustrator, Kelly Canby and the children were enchanted by the tales of Phil Pickle, All the Lost Things and Fuschia Fierce. The new week began with Book Fair and many children were able to purchase a new book (with a little financial assistance!) Book Fair was a big hit on Open Night and the crowds swelled in and out with much enthusiasm! Thank you to Emma Hinchliffe for organising the Book Fair and the all the other parents and grandparents, who came along for the evening to support the children, and look at a ‘hard year’s work!’  Many families made their way into the library to enjoy some digital technologies and learn some robotics from their children! The classrooms were beautifully presented and there was a lot to see. Special thanks to all the staff for spending valuable time on displays and arranging each child’s work, showcasing Goollelal at its best.

Then this morning, we finished off a wonderful week immersed in ‘all things books’ as we had our annual Book Week assembly. Our gorgeous choir enchanted us with their beautiful voices and dulcet tones. A big thank you to Lilli, for your sensational narration of our story of Escape to Everywhere which is the Australian Book Council’s theme this year. Thank you to Phoebe (Tinkerbell) who bravely worked her way around the huge crowd to see what else there was in the big wide world but decided to stay with the Lost Boys on Neverland.

The buddy classes all amazed us, dazzling the crowd with the sort of priceless entertainment that no money can buy. Thank you also to our wonderful staff for being such good sports and ‘getting into character’ to help tell of the story of when Peter Pan when to the dark side, with his dreadful mate Captain Hook and that pesky crocodile.

Finally, I wish to thank the very talented Maryanne who always throws herself into our performances and is a wonderful asset to the school.

A final thank you to all our parents and grandparents who take the time to come along and support the children and staff. It was like opening night at the Opera House. We love to have you here. Thank you for all the lovely feedback!


An Amendment: Next Wednesday, 30 August  the children WILL be able to order their lunch from the canteen. This is the day we will have cross country, jumps and throws!



Kerry Hartmann | Deputy Principal