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Principal’s Pen | Greenwood College Enrichment Program, Tales From Times Past, Lapathon & Cubby

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Dear Parents and Families,

It has been a very busy few weeks at Goollelal Primary with lots of new projects, incursions and excursions going on. Our Year 6 students have been taking part in the Greenwood College Enrichment Program. This program runs for four Wednesdays with students taking part in Volleyball, Science and Aviation lessons. Not only does the enrichment program give our Year 6 students a try at these subject areas, it also gives them a taste of what secondary school is like and acts as part of their transition to secondary schooling. The feedback I have received from both teachers and students has been very positive.

We have also had the “Tales From Times Past” incursion in TA’s 5, 7, 8 and 9. Senior storytellers, Colleen, Val and George visited the classrooms and brought along gadgets, toys and school supplies from when they were children. This incursion added a visual and lively insight into life from times past. Our visitors were very impressed by the behaviour of our students and with the interesting questions they asked. Thank you to Natalie Burnett for organising this terrific incursion.

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Our P&C Lap-a-thon was held on Wednesday and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Well done to everyone who took part in the organisation of this wonderful event. As soon as we have a final fundraising total we will let you know.

Thank you again to Ben LaForest and his team for all their hard work this week during the construction of our very impressive school cubbyhouse. Some of our Pre Primary students from TA2 also helped out with the construction and building site management!

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It has been great to see a huge improvement in the number of children wearing their school uniform jumpers or jackets over the last fortnight. We have purchased a number of plain navy  items for times when children have forgotten or lost their uniform jumpers.

We are also having a clean up of lost property items in an attempt to return labelled clothing to the right children. Thank you for supporting our school dress code in an effort to promote a sense of belonging and a positive image.

Deepest Sympathy

I would like to take this opportunity to offer the condolences of the Goollelal Primary staff to the members of the Watkins family. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.



Lynne Anderson | PRINCIPAL