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Deputy’s Desk | Cubby, Seating & Thank you


It is hard to believe that it is the end of term and already the middle of the year.

We have been blessed with perfect weather and  there has been lots of lovely time to play outside and enjoy all the things that the school offers at lunchtimes.

This term we have had our wonderful cubby up and running and the children (and staff) have found themselves enjoying it every day.  See the building of the cubby in instalments below and some children having a lovely time today. One of the Kindy classes had an ice cream shop as a special treat for the end of term!

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This week 3 new sets of colourful outdoor seating has arrived. The first one has been installed and looks fabulous. The other will be installed soon. We are planning a few more little surprises to add to the vibrancy of our playground. Watch this space.


None of these things would happen without the amazing work from our P&C and the generosity of the parent body. The materials from the cubby, the seating and many other resources happen directly from your generosity, so thank you.

On 9 June, we had lots of fun dressing up as pirates while we raised much needed funds for research into childhood cancers. Our generous school community raised a total of $ 380.30  which has been sent off to support this worthwhile cause.

There have been so many wonderful activities happening throughout the classroom and on the whole the school reports were very positive. I would like to thank the staff for all their hard work and energy, especially for all the extras that they bring each day to the curriculum. I would like to thank the children for their hard work, great attitude, fabulous manners and most of all for sharing, caring and learning.

I would also like to say an enormous thank you to Kat Free for two years of outstanding work and we look forward to having her back in the future. Very best wishes to Kat and Bobby on the impending arrival of baby Free. hearts

I hope that everyone has a safe, restful and happy holiday

Best wishes


Kerry Hartmann | Deputy Principal