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Deputy’s Desk | Yoga, Pirate Day, Lapathon


Yoga is coming to Goollelal, after school and it’s free! One of our Goollelal  parents, Mr Ajay Potturi, is a qualified Yoga instructor and is offering free after school Yoga lessons on a Thursday afternoon, in the assembly area from 3:15pm to 3:45pm! He is going to start on 1 June for all children aged  7 and older who attend Goollelal.  Parents are to accompany children, please. The children will need a yoga mat with their name on and a water bottle. You just need to show up on 1 June!

Ajay has also offered to speak to parents about the yoga program on Friday 9 June, straight after the assembly. This will be in the school library with a cup of coffee available! 

It’s also Pirate Day on 9 June at Goollelal and we will be collecting money for children’s cancer. Let’s have some fun and dress up as pirates for a gold coin donation!

Lapathon will be held as soon as we can see a dry day,  when our Kindergarten students are here. The children now have extra time to get sponsorship for their laps around the oval if they wish. Parents and Grandparents are most welcome to come along and sing, run and dance around the oval. It starts around 1:20pm. The children all need a drink bottle and sunscreen please. Keep an eye on our School App for an update on when the Lapathon will go ahead.

The Interschool Lightning Carnival is due to be held on Wednesday 7 June at Kingsway Reserve for select students in years 4 and up.



Kerry Hartmann | Deputy Principal