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Deputy’s Desk | Health, Cubby, Lapathon



Winter is a particularly difficult time of the year for illness and it is always hard to know when it is time for children to stay at home. Some illnesses have exclusion periods recommended by the Health Department. Please click on the link  ‘Too sick for school’  for some of the more common illnesses and suggested absence times. Please note the chart and information does not take the place of a consultation with your health professional.

Too sick for school?

In addition, we have several children at our school who are immune suppressed so we encourage parents to keep children who are obviously unwell, at  home. Please make sure that you inform us immediately of any of the notifiable diseases, for example chicken pox and whooping cough.

It’s a CUBBY!

A huge thank you to Ben Laforest and his team, who have begun building us an amazing cubby in the Early Years playground today. Ben has spent months planning  and refining the design and  an enormous thank you to the P&C for covering the cost.  This has been one of the major goals for P&C fundraising for the past 12 months along with our ongoing plans to improve the playground. The cubby is a welcome addition and the children and staff are very excited. When we find another dry day with all children on site we will have a grand opening and picnic!

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Don’t forget Lapathon is tomorrow at 11:00am and remember all are welcome.



Kerry Hartmann | Deputy Principal