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Deputy’s Desk | Fairies, Dinosaurs & ANZAC Day Service


Dear Parents,

Over the last couple of  days the children and some of the staff have been busy planting our new fairy and dinosaur gardens! They are looking really fabulous and I would like to thank the parents and grandparents who raided their gardens and sent along some fabulous plants for all of us to enjoy. We intend to keep going and fill in the beds across the early childhood play grounds, so if you are gardening over the holidays keep us in mind for some cuttings and plants. All will be gratefully received. Thank you to Julia Easton for giving up her day off to plant the gardens out with us! I also put out a call for any dinosaurs and fairies who might like to come and live at Goollelal. We had quite a few donations and they will all be coming out to play next term! Many thanks to the children who parted with their precious treasures from their toy boxes.

While we were planting, the children and adults were able to discuss soils and soil structures, fertilizers, rhizomes, bulbs and other types of plants, how they clump and grow! Now the children can be the home advisors! There were many ‘doughnut moments’ to be had as the many children involved felt good about contributing to the school they belong to. Thanks to all the children for the hard work and diligence that you displayed.

We are hoping that the public and all who visit the school out of hours will stay off the garden beds and let them settle in over the next two weeks. Today, we had a special treat and all the children came and sat around the new gardens and had stories about dinosaurs and fairies. Yes, even the big kids or should I say…especially the big kids! It was a lovely way to finish the term.

Following our stories, our community student leadership group drew the raffle and many families have gone home with lots of chocolate for the holidays! Congratulations to all the winners and grateful thanks to all those who bought tickets. A special thank you to Leigh Burns and her team for organising the raffle and wrapping all the eggs. There were 35 prizes! It has raised nearly $800. Special thanks to our very hard working P&C for all your efforts so that the children are able to have the extras that we like to offer. Soon you will see some new brightly coloured seating which we will place around the grounds for the children to enjoy. The seating has been purchased with funds raised by our P&C in 2016. Darryn Crowley has kindly offered to lay a concrete pad for us to bolt them down!

Finally, a thank you to the children for after another term of hard work, and a big thank you to staff for their unrelenting drive and enthusiasm. Each day that you come to work with a smile, you are able to make a difference to the life of a child.

I hope that all families have a special Easter time and a little chocolate comes your way!

Happy holidays to everyone and we look forward to having all the children return safe and well on Wednesday, 26 April. Don’t forget our ANZAC service which will be held on Friday 28 April at 9:00am.

Kind regards


Kerry Hartmann | Deputy Principal