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Groups, Best Wishes, P&C, Assemblies, Crossing Guard & More | From the Principal


Great Start to the Year

We are now into our fifth week of school and what a busy start to the year it has been! The Year 5 and Year 6 students in particular have achieved so much in a short time with voting for our leadership groups taking place. Already, our leadership teams have shown initiative and enthusiasm for their jobs with lots of projects in the pipeline. Our new leadership model is a wonderful opportunity for the Year 6 students to take on responsible jobs in their last year of primary school. It’s also a chance for the Year 6 students to act as mentors for the Year 5’s in their groups. I understand that there have been some Year 5 students disappointed with the role they have been allocated, but Kerry Hartmann and I have been impressed with the way these students have accepted this and moved on. Although they may be disappointed we have reminded them that there will be a chance to change groups and to become group leaders when they reach Year 6.

Best Wishes to Mrs Poczwa

Today will be Alexis Poczwa’s last day before she takes her parental leave. Alexis has been teaching at Goollelal Primary since 2012 and has made a huge impact on the lives of so many of our students and their families. We would like to wish Alexis and her husband all the very best as they enter this new and exciting chapter in their lives. I would like to welcome Jessica Linehan as she takes up the reins in TA2.


Last week our P&C held a second meeting to discuss filling the role of President. Without a President the P&C would not be able to continue operating. Our P&C is invaluable to Goollelal Primary as they organize events such as Movie Night, Election Day Sausage Sizzle, the Disco and  Mothers Day and Fathers Day stalls. Without a functioning P&C our canteen would have to close. With all that in mind, I would like to say a huge thank you to Louise Voss for volunteering for the role of President. Thank you also to Erin Crowley (Treasurer), Capri Laforest (Secretary), Leigh Burns (Fundraising), Jane (O’Donovan), Rita Koning and Neil Partis our new Executive and Sub Committee representatives. Thank you to the past members of the Executive Committee as well, most of whom are continuing on as members of the P&C. Thank you to Julia Easton for all her hard work in chairing the initial two meetings and for guiding us through the transition from last year.

Family Movie Night Friday 10th March

I am really looking forward to the Family Movie Night that has been organized by our terrific P&C.  This event is to welcome all our new families to Goollelal Primary and with sunny weather forecast, it’s promising to be a great night for a picnic and a movie. For more details please see the information in the School News section.


Well done to TA11 for a very entertaining assembly last Friday. They did an amazing job of recreating Roald Dahl’s revolting rhyme, ‘Cinderella’.  The step sisters were absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations also to our Honour certificate winners and to Kelsie H (Bronze) and Matilda S (Gold) for achieving Sharing, Caring and Learning school pins.

Our next assembly will be hosted by TA7 on the 17th of March.

Crossing Guard Moolanda Boulevard

I have contacted the Traffic Warden Unit of the WA Police to seek an update on the stationing of a traffic warden on Moolanda Boulevard. The unit is suffering a severe shortage of volunteers for this important job. I aired suggestions that I have received from concerned parents about using one of the traffic wardens from the crossing on Hepburn Avenue and the officer responsible is looking into that option. Our School Board has also discussed this issue and we will be putting our case to local politicians. Please contact the Traffic Warden Unit on 6274 8731 if you would like to obtain further information.


We have had a great start to swimming lessons this week with comments from bus drivers and pool staff about the excellent behaviour of our Goollelal students. With the hot weather I have asked teachers to ensure that all children have a big drink before they leave for lessons.

Photo Day

Our school photo day is scheduled for Wednesday 22nd March. Very soon every student will come home with a Kapture Photography envelope. The recommended method of ordering is online. If you do order online please make sure you send the envelope to school on the day.  Alternatively , you can pay by cash and return the provided envelope to school on the photograph day. For more detail, please see the notice on the school app and on the school website.

Dogs on School Grounds

I would like to ask that parents do not bring pet dogs onto the school grounds during the school day, including at drop off and pick up times. This is a safety issue. If you have any concerns about unleashed dogs on or near the school grounds out of school hours, please call the Joondalup City Rangers on 1300 655 860.


Lynne Anderson | PRINCIPAL